Board of Directors .

The Lighthouse Pentecostal Church does have a Board of Directors.  These Board members are apointed by the Pastor for the service of a one year term, and at the end of that one year, they may be reappointed to serve again.  The Board of Directors are to serve and assist the pastor in managing the temporal affairs of the church.  The Directors shall not be empowered to take any action or set any policies regarding the membership or the spiritual and sacerdotal affairs of the church.  They shall never interefere or supersede the authority of the Pastor.  They have been chosen in good faith to serve, NOT to rule.

God has blessed us at the Lighthouse with unity and togetherness concerning our Board Members.


Not Pictured are LIFETIME Board of Director Members, Sis. Mary Hewett, Brother John E Bowling, and Brother Arthur Viola.

  January 2021  
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